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PHP 7.0 was released so support for PHP 5.4 is stopped

Sat 09 Jan 2016 12:27
Category: General News

Today I uploaded XCache for PHP 5.6 and WinCache

You probably know that beginning with PHP 5.5 Zend OpCache was added to all PHP binaries and sources.
The most often downloaded accelarator on my site was APC. Its developers stopped development of this accelerator. Also in Wincache 2.0 support for opcode cache was removed.

Because of Zend OpCache has no user cache implemented there is some gap on the accelerators market. Basing on APC sources APC User Cache (APCu) project was introduced. APCu is actively maintained and its developers remember about Windows version. It can be downloaded at this page .

PHP Group released version 7.0 which is compiled with Visual Studio 2015 (VC14). So, in the future I will not compile extensions for PHP 5.4 which was compiled with Visual Studio 2008 (VC9).


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