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PHP 5.5, x64 and my compilations

Sun 24 Nov 2013 10:59
Category: General News

I wasn't writing for a long time. In the PHP world a lot has been changed. Now most of PHP extensions are available for the PHP 5.4.

The PHP 5.5 is available for some time. This PHP version brought us possibility to use x64 architecture natively. With PHP 5.5 for windows PHP Development Team switched to newer Visual Studio Version. Now VS 2012 is required to build binaries for 5.5. This means I need to change my development environment and I'm going to do this in January 2014. Then I will start to compile extensions for 5.5.

The the PHP 5.4 has no official support for x64 architecture. As I compile only official I won't be compiling extensions in the x64 for PHP 5.4.


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