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APC 3.1.9 for PHP 5.4 vc9 (Win7/2008)


APC 3.1.9 for PHP 5.4, compiled with VC9, Thread Safe. (beta)

This file is compiled with native support for SRWLOCK locks. Use this version with Windows 7, Windows 2008 or later.

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Last Change: 11/03/2012

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Anonymous from USA, 18/03/2012 10:18
Using with latest apache 2.2 with latest official release of php 5.4 from
Having lots of issues with it. It's making all my included files act up.
ex. Include a file, create new object of the class [located in aforementioned included file] - all is fine. Try to access method in that object, and method apparently doesn't exist.

I've done quite a bit of testing, and have gotten quite a headache from this, but I have concluded that the cause is solely this extension (at least, with the aforementioned php/apache version info).

Using Windows 7 Home Premium.
tk1 from Poland, 18/03/2012 16:15
Hmm... APC's bugtracker has a few bugs reported for PHP 5.4. So, I'll wait for next stable APC version.

Thanks for sharing your experience!

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