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PHP Accelerators test on Windows with Apache (WampServer)

Sun 14 Nov 2010 21:13
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Performance test of the free PHP accelerators on phpBB, MantisBT, TYPO3 and phpMyAdmin.

Applications used to test accelerators

The tested PHP software was phpMyAdmin (a part of WampServer 2.0j), Mantis Bug Tracker 1.2.2, website made with TYPO3 4.3.5 cms and phpBB 3.0.7.
The page generated by TYPO3 cms was the download.html page from this site development platform. This is a simple page containing table with files to download. Debugging functions were turned on which made this site slower.
I didn't configure any of the tested applications for using any accelerator specific API.

Testing environment

My testing machine was PC with the processor Intel Core 2 Duo E7200, 2GB of memory, 1TB SATA disk drive 7200 rpm. The operating system was Windows XP. The computer was disconnected from  network and all tests were done on the localhost. There were 30 processes working while tests were done including FireFox, Task manager, command prompt and, of course, WampServer. The antivirus and firewall software were not working while tests were done. The version of WampServer was 2.0i upgraded to Apache 2.2.14, PHP 5.3.1 and MySQL 5.1.41. I used default configuration of Apache (plus mod_rewrite and mod_headers), default configuration MySQL and PHP (plus 128 MB of memory_limit). I used the ApacheBench as the benchmark. The system had over 1,5GB free physical memory.

Tested PHP Accelerators

I chose to test the most popular open source accelerators APC 3.1.4 beta, eAccelerator and XCache 1.3.0. Each of them could use 64MB of memory for caching purposes. Their configuration settings are on the images below. When one accelerator was tested, the others   were commented in php.ini.

Testing procedure

For testing I used ApacheBench. Test commands were:

  1. ab -n 500 -c 10 http:/localhost/phpmyadmin/index.php
  2. ab -n 500 -c 10 http:/localhost/mantisbt-1.2.2/login_page.php
  3. ab -n 500 -c 10 http:/localhost/download.html
  4. ab -n 500 -c 10 http:/localhost/phpBB3/

So 10 concurrent threads were making 500 requests to the web server.
Each command was executed three times and average time was used to estimate increased speed and percentage gain. Before each execution of ab.exe all WampServer services were restarted. After a few seconds, when Task Manager showed that nothing was done on the computer (about 0% processor load), the test was executed.


  • Test results
  • Results summary
  • Application percentage gain
  • Cache memory consumption
  • Cached files

eAccelerator used the least memory. In most tests the APC used the biggest amount of memory, but in phpBB test APC admin page shows the least memory consumption. A very small amount of cached files confirms that it could be an error. There was no file over 3MB size in phpBB sources.


eAccelerator  appears to be the most universal PHP accelerator. XCache was just after eAccelerator. The APC was the last but I have to emphasize, that it was its beta version.
If you have many various applications on your server eAccelerator may be good choice. If you have only Mantis Bug Tracker on your server then choose XCache. Apparently the APC beta version needs some work to be done on it.


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